Thoughts from an 18-year-old introvert.

Mixed messages

First I’m a control freak, then I don’t lead enough.
I’m too talkative, but I’m “cranky” when I don’t speak.
I’m genuinely trying to be helpful, but apparently I’m mean and a know-it-all.

What the fuck!?! I just can’t win no matter what.

Not that I can get rid of her negativity, because she’s my coach.


“Not everyone you lose is a loss.”

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i just miss a lot of people right now

Why can’t you just support something I like just because it makes me happy? I never said you had to agree with me. I’m not hurting myself or anyone else. It’s completely harmless. Just let me enjoy it without criticizing me.

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just when you thought you had finally become friends



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That was rough. Being strong is much much harder than it seems.